Q   I bought a pair of Brahma shoes in the United States or Canada and I am not satisfied, who should I contact?

A   Brahma is not a registered brand by our company in the United States or Canada, and we are not associated with the brand in those countries in any way. For information regarding Brahma footwear in the United States and Canada we suggest you direct your inquiries directly to the store where you purchased your footwear.


Q   Why should I register to be a member on Brahmafootwear.com?

A   By registering to our website you will be able to save products in your wish list, participate in contests to win prizes, buy products online, keep informed of new products and information, and much more.


Q   I can't find my size, how do I determine is Brahma makes my size and how can I find it?

A   Brahma's standard sizes range from EUR 37 to 43 (see product section for equivalencies), as smaller or larger sizes than these don't generate enough volume for us to produce them. There are exceptions to this, which you can find in the product section by filtering by size. Brahma Women size ranges from EUR 34 to 38, but the same conditions apply as for men.


Q   What is the Brahma Guarantee, what does it cover, and what steps should I take to make use of it?

A   Please visit the Warranty section on our website.


Q   Do you sell safety steel toe boots?

A   Yes. Currently we offer one style made with a steel toe. Reference FX4-1882 can be found in our product section of the website. We currently do not offer electric shock resistant shoes or boots.


Q   What payment method can I use?

A   You can use your credit card of preference. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. Additionally, you can pay with debit cards from Banco de Bogota, BBVA, Colmena, Banco de Occidente Credencial, Davivienda, Santander, Banco de Credito, Colpatria, Banco Popular, Bancolombia, and Banco AV Villas. Lastly, you can pay in cash through BBVA.


Q   When will I receive my order?

A   This depends on the shipping method and terms you selected. You can log into your account and find the tracking information of your product for an approximate delivery date.


Q   How do I track my order?

A   Log into your account. Go to My Account, and then into view order history. You will see if your order has already been shipped. If it has, you can see your tracking number and can track it through your selected shipping company.


Q   Can you ship outside of Colombia?

A   Yes.


Q   How do I know if my Brahma shoes are fake?

A   Unfortunately counterfeit Brahma footwear does exist in the marketplace, and are apparently very similar to the real thing in look. However, the difference can be detected by closely inspecting the material that they use and the quality of the workmanship. In order to avoid encountering counterfeits we suggest you shop for our shoes in the stores found in our website or online directly from us.


Q   How can I become an official Brahma Footwear distributor?

A   In order to study the possibility of offering you the opportunity to distribute our products, we would appreciate it if you could visit our contact us section and send us the following information: • Your company's commercial structure • Your distribution strategy • Sales force: Number of sales people that call on retailers and/or number of retail stores you manage. • Brands and types of footwear you currently carry. • Approximate volume of pairs you currently sell on a monthly basis. We would be glad to supply you with any additional information you may require.




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